Echo Jaworza Ensemble (English)

„Echo Jaworza” with Mayor of the Grybów municipality Piotr Krok, Vice-mayor Andrzej Poręba, Priest at Ptaszkowa parish Józef Kmak, Journalist Roman Czejarek and producer Romuald Wrzodak from Polish Radio, after interview and performance aired at the First channel of Polish Radio, March 2017

Ensemble’s history

The group has been operating since 2005 as a singing group. In 2009, dance lessons were initiated under the direction of one of the team members – Marian Jabłoński. Then, in 2012, Małgorzata Łukasik-Kogut took the instruction of regional dance. The team leader Magdalena Motyka leads the dance lessons in the youngest group called Najmłodsi Echa Jaworza. The group consists of people passionate about music and regional singing, devoting their free time to rehearsals and performances.

Echo Jaworza represents the style and culture of the ethnological region of Ptaszkowa village, that is Pogranicze Lachowsko-Pogórzańskie (Lachy Sądeckie – Pogórzanie Borderland).

Ensemble’s achievements

The group’s achievements are: 3 times 1st place, 2 times 2nd place and 3 times 3rd place in the National Polish Christmas Carols and Traditions Competition in Bukowina Tatrzańska in 2023, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009 with the Grand Prix prize achieved in 2022; Distinction in the Competition of dance, band and attire in Michalczowa in 2014, Representing our country in 2016 in Serbia during the 7th International Folklore Festival in Obrenovac, Srem Folk Fest in Sremska Mitrovica and in 2018 during the 9th International Folklore Encounters in Obrenovac and the 15th Edition of the Srem Folk Fest festival; representing the Ptaszkowa region at the 48th Folklore Festival of Polish Highlanders in Żywiec, Bielsko-Biała and Oświęcim in 2017.

Since 2016, Echo Jaworza has been exhibiting its representatives in the Drużbacka Competition for Musicians, Instrumentalists, folk singers and wedding grooms in Podegrodzie, taking high positions.

Ensemble members


  • Magdalena Motyka – team leader; regional dance instructor
  • Agata Niepsuj – deputy team leader
  • Maksymilian Motyka – musical instructor

Music section – Kapela

  • Szymon Ptaszkowski – trumpet
  • Jakub Radzik – clarinet
  • Maksymilian Motyka – main violin
  • Małgorzata Majerska – main violin, secondary violin
  • Magdalena Janus – main violin, secondary violin
  • Katarzyna Gołyźniak – secondary violin
  • Karol Janusz – secondary violin
  • Bartłomiej Janusz – doublebass
  • Karolina Gołyźniak – doublebass

Youth group – Młodzi Echa Jaworza

  • Faustyna Siedlarz
  • Magdalena Janusz
  • Aleksandra Król
  • Zuzanna Kogut
  • Katarzyna Gomółka
  • Weronika Wysowska
  • Martyna Michalik
  • Aleksandra Rysiewicz
  • Szymon Ptaszkowski
  • Adam Chronowski
  • Wojciech Janus
  • Mateusz Ptaszkowski
  • Kacper Rysiewicz
  • Mateusz Królak
  • Arkadiusz Janusz

Starosts group – Starości Echa Jaworza

  • Maria Kowalska
  • Halina Michalik
  • Agata Niepsuj
  • Magdalena Motyka
  • Jolanta Kiełbasa
  • Barbara Jabłońska
  • Marian Michalik
  • Marian Jabłoński
  • Tomasz Michalik
  • Wincenty Michalik
  • Daniel Michalik

Youngest group – Najmłodsi Echa Jaworza

  • Agnieszka Kruczek
  • Faustyna Krok
  • Agnieszka Klimek
  • Magdalena Janus
  • Weronika Janus
  • Patrycja Kiełbasa
  • Weronika Wysowska
  • Mateusz Wysowski
  • Krystian Kotwica
  • Hubert Kotwica
  • Karol Janusz
  • Bartłomiej Janusz
  • Adrian Lompart
  • Konrad Kogut
Gallery from the performance of Echo Jaworza at the competition in Łużna, April 2017.

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